Yes, this can be done in the Theme Settings.

Can I upload a background image?

Yes, you can also choose whether to have it tiled or not.

Can I change colors and fonts?

Yes, all colors and fonts in this theme can be changed.

Can I remove the "sticky navigation" feature?

Yes, you can choose to disable the sticky navigation if you don't want that feature.

How many categories can I show in each dropdown?

There is no limit. However, it is recommended to not show more than 4.

Can I disable the responsive design?

No, you cannot.

Home Page

Can the slideshow be disabled?


How many images can be in the slideshow?

There is a limit of 10 images.

Can I link images to pages in my Shopify store?

Yes, all slideshow images can be linked to any URL.

Can I change the slideshow transition type?

Yes, you can choose between a slide or a fade transition

Can I change the slideshow transition speed?

Yes, you can choose to show a slide for anywhere between 2 and 8 seconds

Can I remove the "Featured Items" section?

Yes, this can be removed.

Can I show a list of collections on the homepage?


Can I remove the "Welcome" section?


Collection Page

Can I control how many products are shown on each page?

Yes, you can show 2, 3, or 4 products per row.

Can I control how many products are in each row?

Yes, there is a theme setting which lets you choose how many products to show per page.

Can I hide product tags?


Can I change the hover effect on products?

You can choose the opacity level for the product image. You can also disable it entirely.

Product Page

Can the image zoom be enabled / disabled?

Yes, you can choose to have the image zoom feature.

Can I display a quantity dropdown?


Can I hide / show related products?

Yes, you can choose whether or not to show related products on a product page.

Can I hide / show the image enlargement icon?

Yes, the icon can be hidden.

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